Maintaining Relations:-      Always Relations first. This is the precedence, I consider in my life. In case of a dispute or difference, involving relations and friends, I give first priority to maintaining of relations rather than winning the argument or dispute. The dispute could be on money, assets or opinions.  I try to keep the same priority with my wife with lot of difficulty. Difficulty, because I have frequent arguments with my wife. I don't like to start any argument but it happens. Then I presume that more time one spends with any relative, there are likely to be more differences of opinions. These differences should be taken in a healthy spirit. They are constructive to quite an extent, as they teach us some lessons. I try and analyse the cause of arguement and come to conclusion that mainly the cause lies in me. I thank god, that the argument or dispute occurred and I could see a new side of the problem. I enjoy analysing a dispute and solving it.       I have g


Self Motivation :-       I feel self motivation is the best form of motivation. Smiling is the best form of keeping motivated. Smile is free of cost. Try and smile at a person you meet and you will get the smile back.      Most of us are letting our minds drift towards negativity. We concentrate more on obstacles rather than on achievement. We get tensed in case a single obstacle crops up and we make "a mountain out of the mole hill" in our thoughts. Similarly we get too much worked up on confrontations and start thinking of revenges. In order to be motivated keep humor in place. Listen to and read jokes, and have a good laughter. Try and laugh aloud for 5 minutes in a day, and repeat for a week. The change in attitude will be very conspicuous. Everyday I go to a park, early morning and laugh aloud for 5 minutes, with sound Ha...Ha...Ha. I feel refreshed and energetic. Just try for a week and see the results.      I recollect an incident of my yester years, when six of


Alcoholic Drinks:- I am a strong believer in healthy effects to Alcohol. I believe that whiskey is "water of life". However people at different times have consumed Alcohol in excess, to gain temporary enjoyment, thereby experiencing its effects on the brain and body. People in general have a very negative opinion of drinking. I would like to start with my personal experience. On joining services in youth at the age of 20 years, I had been posted to Air Force stations wherein the strength of bachelor officers was limited. This encouraged group of bachelors to have access to bars in the evenings. Being from the orthodox family, I had never had a hard drink before commissioning. On commissioning too, I could keep away from drinks for almost a month. My friends use to laugh at me, when every one ordered their drinks, and I use to order a glass of milk;  as our cook house and dinning hall were nearby, in the Officers' mess. I had no company as a teetotaler. As I liked


On Reiki:- During my career in Air Force I had the opportunity to meet Group Captain Navjot  in 2002, at Air Force Station New Delhi. I was impressed by the knowledge, he had on Reiki. Reiki is a  technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.  In fact he showed us few examples of how ailments like pain, cough and cold could be cured by Reiki practically. Of all the places, We had met as officers conducting a Court Martial. We had time to discuss on Reiki and I had the opportunity to learn Reiki. He could know the urge in me and gave me time to get attenuated. I even took my wife, son and daughter and got them attenuated


          On Investing and Money Growth :-  I love making money, well who doesn't. I have had a good experience of losing a lot of money while making money and I finally concluded the best way to grow money. I started with Mutual Funds, learnt Derivatives, where I went aggressively. I would feel very happy when I made fast profits and enter the markets next moment to lose what I have earned. I would again enter to regain my losses. Profit to Loss was 1:2. i.e if profit once, it was loss twice.           However, I found that if at all one has to get into derivatives, it should be against a market lot of shares. Let's assume I want to get into derivatives of Titan Company, where the market lot is 1000. I would first buy 1000 shares of Titan in my portfolio. I would then buy a put, if there is a risk of a fall.  Second strategy is while holding shares of Titan, I will sell a call of titan at near value, i.e. in case I feel market is almost constant. My portfolio remains protec


Healing:- In my childhood I wanted to become a Doctor as I had an inclination for healing fellow beings. I some how got selected for Air force and gave up my desire. However I kept my desire alive. I therefore added Homeopathy to my hobby. When posted to remote locations, I had given homeopathic medicines in prevention of malaria and in viral fevers; I found them to be quite effective. I also learnt Reiki and got myself attenuated. I found both practices very effective on friends and family members. Whatever be the cause of Reiki healing, one thing is for sure, the mind power, so called faith can achieve wonders. That is what the Reiki healing is all about, as I see it. I have combined Homeopathy healing with Reiki and have achieved great results. Besides these I don't hesitate using home made remedies, having no side effects. I feel that in very acute cases one must visit a Doctor, but in cases where symptomatic treatment can be given and in disease of chronic nature, Homeopath


Take Life Lightly:- I like to take things lightly in life, when it comes to day to day activities. People, at times, are found to be too serious, in day to day activities. Specially at young age, when one is on to making a career. People are tensed when small difficulty comes their way. I will opine that even in times of deep problem, one must know it isn't going to be permanently there. Ups and downs are part of life. Good reply. 👍 Teacher : “Can you tell the name of 2 great Kings who have brought happiness & peace into people's lives ?” Student : “Smo-king & Drin-king ” !!! Teacher Fainted ! One should get access to good humour during his routine to keep relaxed. Some people are in the habit of playing games in talking double meaning dialogs or being sarcastic. Just don't respond and don't get into confrontation, to make life relaxed. I had a friend, who immediately understood sarcasm and responded vehemently. I asked him the reason. He replie